Sunday, October 3, 2010


I stayed up very late tonight getting SEVERAL projects done!!! As you will quickly see I got all of these ideas from Ashley at Make It And Love It. She has some GREAT ideas and AWESOME tutorials. Even someone like me that doesn't sew was able to whip these up!!!!

First I made this sippy cup leash, that I saw at Make It and Love It. I think it turned out great and I will surely be making lots more for Christmas gifts. This will be great in the car, shopping and just about anywhere we go!!!

Then I finished this project from Make It and Love It, that i started last week for my daughter's room.

Then I took one of my old shirts and turned it into a dress for my daughter. I have been wanting to try this one for a LONG time. I have several sweaters saved that I want to try this with. I think it turned out great, especially since I have only sewed a few things in my LIFE!! This was my first time to cut and sew sleeves. I think they turned out cute..can't wait for her to try it on tomorrow!!!! I also made her a headband, you can see the tutorial here which is ALSO from Make It and Love It!!!

I still have a lot of work to do in my CRAFT ROOM to get it organized and "operational". So that I am not having to move big loads of stuff from one table to the other just to have work space. I am really ENJOYING my time in my art/craft room! Its a stress relief for me and I have REALLY missed it. So hopefully there will be more coming soon!!!!

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