Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cleaning Out

So tonight as I was cleaning out some old paperwork, I stumbled across my original 34before34 to do list. I only had 21 items on the list, and only 7 of them are on my published list. As I look over the list, several things are projects I want to make, such as...

1. make a cardtable playhouse
2. make a "HOPE" sign like the one at Hobby Lobby
3. make "MUG" gifts
4. make stepping stones with the kids
5. make caramel popcorn with the kids
6. sew a baby pouch
7. make a camera strap
8. sew a crayon cozy
9. make vinyl art with my cricut
10. make beaded bookmarks

the other two items on my original list are...

1. register my business name
2. host a Wii party

What to do, what to do. Should I revise my list to include some of these things I would like to get done??? Most of them are projects I want to complete, I could add them to my "projects ToDo" list. hmmmm....

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