Monday, January 7, 2008

MY 100th POST!!

Yeah my 100th post!! As with tradition in blog world (or so I have been told) the 100th post is usually set aside for a blog on 100 things about "me". So here goes, lets see how long it takes me to come up with 100 things.

1. My name is Tiffany
2. I have been married to the love of my life and best friend for 6.5 years
3. I have two living children and one in heaven
4. I want to have 2 more children but my husband is not on board with
5. Our house is for sale... want to buy it??
6. I love scrapbooking
7. I dream of being a photographer
8. I love gardening-had a herb garden this summer-LOVED IT! I loved picking fresh
herbs and drying them in the kitchen-filled the house with sweet aromas!!
9. I would love to learn to sew-which is one of my goals for the year
10. I am very family oriented. My husband says my mother and I are still joined by
the umbilical cord (haha)
11. I am the oldest of three children
12. I have a twin brother and a younger sister
13. 13 is my favorite number-had it on most of my jerseys
14. I played soccer from age 5-22. Wish I could still play
15. I can't stand clutter-but you wouldn't know it if you walked into my cluttered
16. I love Anne of Green Gables
17. favorite television show-Gilmore Girls. I have all 7 seasons
18. I love the smell of fresh cut grass
19. I enjoy bubble baths but rarely get the opportunity to take one
20. I have been a stay at home mom for almost two years and love every minute of it..
well most of the time-hehe-I wouldn't trade it for anything
21. My husband and I met online
22. I enjoy getting my hair cut
23. I pay $7 for a hair but because I am cheap when it comes to haircuts
24. I loved being pregnant-I'd love to be pregnant again someday-not today
25. I have lost 27 pounds since September 3rd
26. I can be overly sarcastic at times
27. I am not an open book-I am usually very guarded
28. I am addicted to blogging
29. I have eaten 3 bags of vanilla flavored tootsie rolls since Christmas Day-YIKES!
(make that 3.5)
30. I enjoy cooking and trying new things-but my husband and I are both picky eaters
so our menus are usually very simple
31. I learned how to knit with knifty knitters.
32. I've made hats and scarfs
33. I have really strange dreams. Sometimes about people I know but haven't seen or
heard from in many years. Sometimes about people I "know of" but have never we
have never even spoken-weird. My dreams jump from one weird thing to
another-never making much sense
34. My favorite poet is Helen Steiner Rice
35. I had lasik eye surgery and very glad I did
36. I hate hospitals but my husband is in nursing school
37. My Myers-Briggs personality profile is ISFP-introverted, sensing, feeling,
38. Wow this is more difficult than I thought
39. I am a pack rat
40. I would love to run a marathon
41. I am going to take up tennis this year
42. I would love to attend a spinning class and/or kick-boxing class
43. Think I need to take up boxing-think it would be LOADS of fun
44. I am a Christian-but don't attend church regularly-but really should
45. I enjoy camping and back packing-although I don't make time for either
46. I love peaking into other people's lives-I think that is why I like
blogging so much-love reading other people's blogs
47. As a kid we had 13 cats running around outside our home-most of them came from
a stray that had a litter in my dad's antique truck
48. I scored the first goal ever for my high school soccer team-my freshman year
was the first year we had soccer for girls
49. I have a scar on each of my shins from jumping boxes in basketball in 8th grade
50. I was on the 8th grade basketball team-practiced with them but never went to a
game-I wasn't very good and I hated the uniforms. So midway through the season
I was sent to study hall. Another teammate did the same thing.
51. Her and I skipped study hall a lot!
52. I take things too personally
53. Calliou is over-that means my computer times is about to be over
54. favorite t.v. shows: CSI, Law and Order, Biggest Loser, Missing, Without a
Trace, Two and a Half Men,
55. I hate flying-my husband wants to take flying lessons...again
56. I hate sushi-tried it once and gagged
56. I came in second place in a golf fish race
57. I function better on 4 hours of sleep rather than 8
58. favorite movies: Top Gun, StepMom, You've Got Mail
59. I wish I could sing
60. I took piano lessons for a short time as a kid-didn't do well with that
61. I enjoy crystal light
62. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla from
63. The Italian chicken sandwich is the only reason I ever go to Burger King-but it's
a "limited time only" item that comes and goes frequently
64. My favorite alcoholic drink is a screwdriver
65. or a frozen margarita
66. My most favorite job was working at the YMCA one summer during college-loved it
67. Favorite places to eat: Logan's, Outback, McAlisters Deli, Newk's
68. I enjoyed watching HGTV and TLC when we had cable
69. I have an obsession for journals yet I rarely write in them
70. Love the smell of coffee but can't stand to drink the stuff
71. Would love to get a tattoo
72. I am not a morning person
73. I talk in my sleep (which could be dangerous see #33 above)
74. I want a wooden swing in my yard-maybe when we get a new home
75. I'm very modest
76. I don't like looking in the casket at funerals
77. Last year I had poison ivy on almost every area of my body-including my eye
78. I love geocaching-need to get busy on it though
79. I have hidden 7 caches and badly need to do maintenance on all of them
80. Last semester senior year my adviser told me I could not take 21 hours, I had to
beg the dean to allow me to do so.
81. that semester I got my highest GPA of any semester
82. I love driving down back roads...really really fast!
83. My love for camping began as a girl scout
84. I got a Cricut for Christmas
85. I have serious road rage issues
86. I rarely forget a wrong done unto me
87. I love to sing in the car
88. I rolled yards and egged cars in high school
89. My friends and I turned all the furniture upside down in our dorm lobby in the
middle of the night
90. A friend and I stole her roommates car. We returned it later that evening
91. I love to dance-but my husband refuses to dance with me
92. I just won two bids on ebay! One for Weight Watchers cookbook
93. won one in the last 20 seconds WOOHOO!
94. I hate going to the dentist
95. I have to go tomorrow
96. I am overall a happy person
97. I enjoy pedicures but would rather just have my feet rubbed than painted
98. I have had two c-sections
99. I paid $2.97 for hair color at wal-mart the last time I dyed my hair and everyone
loved it
100. I love it too

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Happy 100th post!! :)