Saturday, January 19, 2008

We got SNOW!!!

Baby sister with the snowman

baby sister in her first snow

Mommy and J

J throwing a snowball

Yeah! We got snow!! Haven't had snow in about 7 years! Woke up this morning to a little bit of snow on the ground. As I was getting dressed and getting J ready to play outside it began to snow again. It was coming down heavily! It was so much fun. J and I left baby sister upstairs playing and Daddy in the bed. We made a snowman, threw snowballs and slid down the hill. We had so much fun! After we had been outside a while Daddy stuck his head out the front door and we asked him to snap a picture of us. Daddy was obviously not as excited about the snow as Mommy. After playing I got baby sister dressed and took her outside for a few quick photos. This was baby sister's and J's first snow, so we had to take lots of photos.

Here is a video of J throwing a snowball. The snow is really coming down!!

Here is a video of J sledding down the hill. I am behind him trying to give him a good push and video at the same time-didn't work too well.

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Ter said...

that's the kinda snow I wish we had!!! (I posted a video of snow on my blog too, check it out!)