Monday, January 11, 2010

Official Weigh-In Day-And Start of the Biggest Loser at Work

Well I started last Monday trying to slim down. Although the first four days I would come home each evening and chow down on some chocolate chip cookies. I got serious Friday. I knew they were starting a Biggest Loser challenge at work today but I had not intentions of joining until Friday afternoon when I had a conversation with a coworker that changed my mind.

So today was weigh in #1 and I am happy to report I have lost FIVE pounds since last Monday!! Although this won't count toward my "Biggest Loser" total, its still counts for me!! However when I got to work their scale was 3 lbs heavier-eek!

I did much better today although I did eat lunch at school-not the best as far as calories are concerned. I still need to get active!!! Want to start walking so I can work up to running.......

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