Thursday, January 21, 2010

This N That

I have been up since 4:30, and that is after going to bed at 12:30. I stayed up until the bad weather passed. So here I sit, fully dressed and ready for work, kids still sleeping-well actually JoAnna woke up at 5:25 and wanted to go potty. So we went potty and then I got her dressed, thinking she was ready to get up. But then she crawled back into her bed and fell asleep. So be prepared for a lengthy post about anything that pops into my head this morning....

Tuesday we had our first Biggest Loser weigh in at work-since Monday was a holiday. It was not pretty. Per my home scale I knew I had gained one pound, but according to the scale at work I gained 2 pounds!! YIKES!!!! So I have decided to go back to Atkins-somewhat. I am still going to have my breakfast cereal-I just can't get up in time to fix something non carb-like eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. Throw cereal in a cup, put a top on it and haul it to school with me is the best I can do. So carbs for breakfast and that's it for me. I've done well the last two days so I hope to see a loss come Monday.

As for the crafting front...hmmm. I am slowly working on getting my craft room organized. It seems every time I get my table cleaned off it fills back up before I can even turn around. I did buy a few tins yesterday to use with the magnetic dress up dolls. The tins have cookies in them and cost $2, I have been waiting for them to mark them down to $1 but decided to go ahead and grab a few in case they get rid of them. I bought the magnetic dolls to give as gifts but wanted to get tins to store the pieces. I haven't been able to find any gift card tins that are long enough to hold the doll. These $2 tins are the right length but they are a little deep-but they will do. I plan to modge podge some prettiness to the outside of the tins and they will make such cute gifts. I have taken a few of the dolls to school and the girls just love them.

We just got our Hooked on Phonics program in this week!! I finally had a chance to open it and go through it after the kids went to bed last night. Jacob is really wanting to learn to read. We tried to read a phonics book last night but it just wasn't working. He knows all his letters and their sounds so I think he will do well with the HOP program. We will see.

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