Thursday, January 14, 2010

Randon Christmas photos

So I haven't posted pictures of my kids in a long here are some random photos from the last few months..

This is JoAnna right after I put the MSU tatoo on her cheek. She decided she didn't like it, but by the time I got a washcloth to take it off she wanted to keep it. But since my parents are LSU fans and my in-laws are MSU fans, I think I will blow this up and have it framed for my in-laws for Christmas next year!! LOL!!

My baby Jace with his tongue stuck out. Jacob always had his tongue stuck out as a baby-every picture we took that first year he had his tongue hanging out.

Jacob playing in the laundry basket. Never mind the hundreds of dollars of Christmas toys he just opened a few days earlier-he prefers to play with the busted up laundry basket. I know what I am putting on his Christmas list next year!!

CC's socks!! JoAnna found a pair of CC's socks and just had to put them on. I thought they were so cute!! The look like little leg warmers!!!

This is me and the kids after their Christmas program at school.

This is JoAnna opening her gift at school. They brought gifts and exchanged with their friends. Her gift was a phone-she just loves phones. The look of excitement was just priceless.

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K Storm said...

Your kids are so sweet! You have been good about blogging lately! I may have to add you to my blog roll next time I update it.